About us

IGI Food Consulting was established in 2006. Its foundation was driven by observations of the market which showed that many companies required substantive support in the fulfilment of requirements arising from food law provisions.

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The current team of IGI Food Consulting boasts long-standing experience in providing consulting services to food and pharmaceutical companies. Our knowledge and passion for work ensure that you will be provided with advice at the top professional and ethical level of quality.

We are constantly developing our competencies and deepening our knowledge of the law by working for the most demanding domestic and international clients. We have built a team that will enable you to use many years of expert experience in food and pharmaceutical laws as well as the knowledge, talents and experience of our Board Members as legal representatives. In addition, a group of associated external experts guarantees that IGI Food Consulting will provide you with comprehensive consultancy services, even with the most complex and controversial projects.

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Monika Drab – Grotowska, President of the Management Board of IGI Food Consulting
Bartłomiej Achler, Vice-President of the Management Board of IGI Food Consulting