Dietary supplements

The dietary supplements sector has been very popular among food and pharmaceutical companies for years as it is characterised by the most dynamic growth among all food categories. At the same time, entrepreneurs involved in the production or distribution of dietary supplements are facing numerous legal problems that arise from the incompatibility of the current food legislation with the characteristics of this product category.

Consultancy projects in this area conducted by IGI Food Consulting team are focussed, among others, on:

  • evaluation and selection of the proper classification of new products,
  • providing opinions on the safety of product composition,
  • guidelines related to minimum and maximum content of active ingredients,
  • opinions on the possibility of using vegetable ingredients and other substances in dietary supplements,
  • development of labels, leaflets, marketing materials (including B2B materials),
  • notification of the new product in Poland or other EU Member States,
  • assistance with marketing of products under the mutual recognition procedure (free movement of goods in the Community),
  • assistance in investigations held by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.