Food additives, flavourings, food enzymes

Food additives are substances that are normally not consumed alone as food but are used for technological reasons. The current knowledge of food additives and technological progress in this area require systematic updating of food law provisions that regulate their use.

More and more new substances are emerging and those approved for use before 20 January 2009 are currently subject to a reassessment of risk – its results will define again the standards of using additives in the production of food offered on the EU market.

The use of additional substances and flavourings in food also requires their proper labelling, mainly in the list of ingredients but also elsewhere. Most of the so-called clean label messages used increasingly often in food labelling and presentation are related to additives (e.g. no flavour enhancers). Their use is not always fully compliant with the applicable legislation.

IGI Food Consulting consulting services in the area of food additives include:

  • evaluation of potential use of a food additive / flavouring / enzyme in a foodstuff, taking account of the lists of allowed substances as well as planned amendments and discussions at the national and EU levels,
  • support in product labelling with information on the content of an additive (in the list of ingredients and outside of it),
  • assistance in selecting the proper food category for the purposes of applying the EU list of additives,
  • labelling of additives and premixes in wholesale selling,
  • support in obtaining approvals for the use of novel additives.