Food law interpretations

Businesses operating on the food market are obliged to comply with general and detailed food law requirements. However, proper application of food law provisions is not easy because of their complexity and constant changes.

Development dynamics of food law provisions is currently very high and depends on many factors, including science and technology progress, occurrence of new threats to consumer health and/or the environment as well as fluctuations on the food market and in politics.

Having the above in mind, we pay particular attention to continuous monitoring of food law developments. We observe discussions in relevant bodies and domestic and Community institutions on planned amendments and closely follow the legislative process.

We use thus obtained knowledge in practice, in the following areas of our consultancy services:

  • development of legal opinions and/or analyses on proper application of the law,
  • evaluation of the consequences of the introduction of new regulations,
  • preparation of reviews of the application of Community law in various EU Member States,
  • preparation of interpretations of problematic legal issues for the purposes of administrative proceedings.