Health and nutrition claims

Health and nutrition claims are considered voluntary but at the same time the most popular elements of food labelling, presentation and advertising. These include any commercial messages targeted at consumers that state or suggest health benefits of the food or its ingredients. Undoubtedly, the use of claims significantly strengthens the sales of products bearing health claims.

However, in the recent years, the possibility to use claims has been severely limited. As many new regulations defining in detail the principles of using claims have entered into force, proper and thus effective use of the claims in communication with consumers has become a real challenge. Consultancy projects in this area conducted by IGI Food Consulting team are focussed, among others, on:

  • developing the content of nutrition and health claims as well as so-called non-specific benefits for the product or ingredient,
  • validation of existing claims (in all categories, including comparative claims) along with proposed changes and risk assessment,
  • developing compilations of scientific evidence justifying the use of health claims,
  • conducting authorisation procedures for new nutrition and health claims,
  • seeking additional solutions, e.g. modification of the content used so as to take them out of the scope of claim-related requirements.