Labelling of foodstuffs has a number of functions, the most important of which for the entrepreneur are the advertising and information functions.

From the legal perspective, the core function of all law food provisions related to food labelling is to provide reliable information and protection to consumers. Legal regulations in this area are very complex and often ambiguous, which is troublesome for the companies that must follow them.

Incorrect labelling, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs are the most frequent irregularities found by official food inspections held by national authorities. Penalties for failure to comply with the labelling requirements may be extremely high is some cases, which is why it is so important to ensure correct implementation of the applicable laws.

IGI Food Consulting team helps you to label your products properly, and in particular:

  • opracować lub zweryfikować etykietę oraz inne elementy oznakowania (np. ulotki, zawieszki, etykiety zbiorcze) produktów należących do wszystkich kategorii środków spożywczych, w tym: produktów ogólnego spożycia, tzw. żywności funkcjonalnej, nowej żywności i żywności genetycznie modyfikowanej, suplementów diety, żywności do specjalnych celów żywieniowych, jak też środków spożywczych o chronionym pochodzeniu (ChOG, GTS, ChNP)
  • to develop or validate a label and other labelling elements (e.g. leaflets, tags, bulk labels) of products classified in any foodstuff category including general food, so-called functional food, novel food and genetically modified food, dietary supplements, foods for particular nutritional use as well as protected-origin foodstuffs (PGI, TSG, PDO),
  • to adjust the current labelling to the new requirements related to providing food information to consumers (EU Regulation no. 1169/2011),
  • to evaluate compliance with the requirements of voluntary food labelling systems such as FAIRTRADE,
  • to develop the content of the so-called e-label (information on food, including dietary supplements, sold on-line),
  • to evaluate compliance of marketing slogans used by the client, including “clean labels", graphics and symbols,
  • to assess the risk related to the use of specific content in product labelling.