Permits and authorisations

Innovations in the food industry include new sources of nutrients, new food ingredients with health benefits, food ingredients used as substitutes of additives, flavours and enzymes. Innovative technologies enable to improve the functionality of raw materials and semi-finished products used in the food industry, which positively influences consumer perceptions of the end product.

Conducting research projects aimed at increasing innovation requires strong commitment and high investments. However, it also requires you to consider the applicable food law provisions that regulate some aspects that are important in terms of innovation such as the principles of using new substances (additives, ingredients).

In-depth knowledge of the said issues enables us to support our clients in the process of developing applications and to represent them in any procedures they may require (including EC and EFSA applications) that are related to:

  • approvals of nutrition and health claims,
  • authorisation and/or notification of novel foods and novel food ingredients,
  • authorisation of new chemical forms of vitamins and minerals,
  • genetically modified foods (GMO),
  • novel food additives and novel technological functions,
  • certification of integrated organic production.