Representation in court trials and administrative proceedings

Irrespective of the manner of institutional and administrative organisation, official food inspection in all EU Member States is held at all stages of food production, processing and distribution. Irregularities found as a result of any form of inspection present real risk of imposing severe sanctions on the company. It is worth to remember that the result of an official inspection (sanction or the lack of it) may strongly depend on the behaviour of the persons participating in it.

Irrespective of the company’s awareness of having committed an offence or not, such situations require professional substantive and legal support.

What makes IGI Food Consulting team stand out is their combination of attorney and legal counsel competences with practical knowledge and experience of our consultants.

Special situations require not only legal but also substantive solutions. This is why we provide you with legal assistance at the top professional and ethical level of quality, including:

  • representation in administrative proceedings before all food inspection authorities,
  • representation during official food inspections,
  • representation in criminal cases related to food law,
  • representation in proceedings related to protection of intangible property rights and combating unfair competition,
  • representation in court and administrative proceedings before the Voivodeship Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • as well as representation in proceedings related to marketing foodstuffs (permits and authorisations),
  • providing opinions on draft documents prepared by the client for the purposes of ongoing proceedings,
  • preparation of documents in terms of their formal and legal content,
  • drafting letters and their submission with relevant bodies,
  • participation in negotiations related to ongoing proceedings,
  • development of proper strategies for court proceedings and trials.